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2When it comes to conductively impacting and enriching a child’s life, through the years, we have become quite proficient with our understanding of those things that work, as well as those that do not. It is for this reason, along with many others, that we’re in the process of developing a new curriculum; Bottles-N-Backpacks Elemental University (B-N-B EU). B-N-B EU is design to enhance and support the most critical stages of mental, physical, and emotional development, which occurs within the first 5-7 years of life.

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Convenient Commitment Initiative©™


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Even though we subscribe to the earnest belief that it takes a village to fully provide our children with the benevolence and resources they need to soar the heights of success, in most respects, we feel that it’s even more important to ensure that the villagers (the adults) who make up the village are ideally suited and have access to the very best of means, which will  enable them to effortlessly do so. 

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