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B-N-B Elemental University

B-N-B Elemental University


B-N-B Elemental University (B-N-B EU) is a program that is based on an advanced early learning curriculum, which was designed to take advantage of the rapid brain growth that occurs within the first 5-7 years of a child’s life. You may be familiar with the saying, “children are like sponges”. Well, as it turns out, the remarkable absorption rate of information, coupled with the experiences that a child is exposed to within that 5-7 year window, can greatly mold their studying habits, cognitive reasoning, behavior characteristic, emotional intelligence, confidence, and overall, their personality, well into adulthood. Therefore, it is imperative that we not leave this phase of development to chance, but that we, instead, interject innovative learning measures that ensures we uphold our commitment to creating a brighter future.

With a fusion of the very best of traditional teaching methods, modern advances in technology, years of compiled Ivy League research focused on early childhood development, 10-plus-years of owning/operating a childcare center, and, most importantly, with over a combined 300 years of effective parenting experience by a team of professionals, we offer B-N-B EU to our families as a wholistic approach for nurturing and cultivating the mind, body, and spirit connection of our young ones. Through a seamless blend of interactive fun, hands-on learning, and an academic curriculum that both parent and child will appreciate, our lesson plans are structured in a way where each year builds upon the next. This cumulative learning technique and discovery process is intended to have the infants and toddlers that are enrolled at any Bottles-N-Backpacks center, during those most crucial years of development, expressing competencies at least 2 grade levels higher than their peer group before completing kindergarten.

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