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Community Outreach and Support

Convenient Commitment Initiative©™

Convenient Commitment Initiative ©™

 Even though we subscribe to the earnest belief that it takes a village to fully
 provide our children with the benevolence and  resources they need to soar
 the heights of success, in most respects, we feel that it’s even more impor-
 tant to ensure that  the villagers (the adults) who make up the village are
 ideally suited and have access to the very best of means, which will enable
 them to effortlessly do so. With the Convenient Commitment Initiative©™
 Bottles-N-Backpacks Child Development Center, Inc., along with a host of
 many other businesses concerned about the wellbeing of the communities
 that offers its patronage, have decided to invest back into the people, environment, and educational practices/programs
 that will yield the most conducive results for growth, sustainability, abundance of resources, and in particular, social norms that focuses on reestablishing a lifestyle of harmony and tranquility amongst its residents.
Through a synergizing mix of various vehicles and multiple programs, we have developed the most efficient and practical solutions for the following: causes related to a misplacement of frustration and anger stemming from a job/career where there is no sense of passion or purpose involved; lack of awareness towards inadequate role modeling behavior, which is ultimately perpetuated by our youth; poor quality of health and emotional instability due to daily stresses related to concerns of providing for oneself and/or their family; lack of optimum nutrition, exercise, and rest; little to no understanding of how children’s brain and body develop, either prior to or during pregnancy, which can support and maximize their learning potential; mismanagement of wealth as a result of financial illiteracy; concerns of safety and protection within one’s own neighborhood/household; low self-esteem, confidence, and an inability to rise above inopportune circumstances; not being able to afford or granted access to the best of healthcare services and cutting edge knowledge, as it relates to cures for many ailments/diseases; miseducation and/or scanty access to a quality education; diminishing afterschool and summer programs for the enrichment of our youth; consistently enduring and not being able to recognize relationships that are unhealthy for oneself and/or children; increased unemployment resulting from an absence of skilled trades, training, and development; etc.

The key component to making an endeavor such as this actually work is to address the individual needs of the entire person or, in this case, one villager at a time. However, due to the fact that everyone’s circumstances, requirements, or desires are different, our initial challenge was to find a model that would work for all stakeholders involved. By using a strategic method that is centered on one’s passion, purpose, talent, occupation, specialty, hobbies, interest and skillset, we’re able to conveniently get any number of participants to commit their time or resources, simply by doing the things that they love or that comes to them naturally. Therefore, regardless of if you are a woman, man, child, business, organization, or entity of any kind, that is in need of support or looking to give it, the Convenient Commitment Initiative ©™ is an assured way to aid in the revitalization of distress communities, while at the same time fulfilling a sense of purpose within oneself.

We look forward to seeing you sitting at the dinner table of change real soon!

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