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2When it comes to conductively impacting and enriching a child’s life, through the years, we have become quite proficient with our understanding of those things that work, as well as those that do not. It is for this reason, along with many others, that we’re in the process of developing a new curriculum; Bottles-N-Backpacks Elemental University (B-N-B EU). B-N-B EU is design to enhance and support the most critical stages of mental, physical, and emotional development, which occurs within the first 5-7 years of life.

Below is a brief description of a few forthcoming (F) and already offered (O) “elements of enrichment” within the B-N-B EU program, in addition to the benefits of the communities we service:

  (O) Mentorship: In addition to the children that are enrolled, being situated in an elementary school has exposed us to the guidance that’s needed amongst many age groups. The impact and experience that it had on us, fueled the enactment of one of our many missions in life; which is to serve as mentors for misguided youth. For me-Mr. McLemore-in particular, I believe that it’s extremely crucial for my young men to experience a daily demonstration of behavior that signifies the importance of family, community, and the bond of marriage. Regarding those children who have little to no paternal or maternal interaction at home, we also serve as both a mother and father figure: being assertive and firm when identifying the need to re-influence the expected behaviors of moral etiquette and group harmony; while at the same time, offering hugs, words of encouragement and wisdom, reinforcing a sense of self-confidence and pride, instilling integrity, etc., when emotional support is warranted.  
   (O) Family and Community Outreach: As parents of 6 children, as well as being the proud owners of a child development center, it’s inconceivable for us to not want the very best of all circumstances for the young ones in our care. Quite often, we refer to the families that we provide service for, as an extension of our own. Therefore, when it comes to truly enriching and having a lasting impact on our children’s lives, for us, it’s not enough to simply focus on developing their soft and cognitive skills. We believe that it is equally relevant to find a way of supporting or influencing all areas of their development, which is the main reason that we’ve designed the Convenient Commitment Initiative ©™. In addition, we will also sponsor and/or offer a scholarship for those families who tend to struggle with their payments.
fruits 82524 640 (F) Organic Based Lunches: For 4 years now, our family has been eating organic based meals. With all of the health benefits that we have experienced in our personal life, we would love to provide an opportunity and express the importance of a healthy lifestyle with our families at the center. Serving the children a variety of Non-GMO’s will help them learn and adopt the habits of trying foods that grow naturally. Studies have also shown that eating more organically raw or whole foods will support neurological development and function in both children and adults.
Some of the other benefits include:

Sustaining and enhancing mental processes, essential to long-term memory

A drastic reduction of free radicals or toxins that’s associated with cancer and disease

Improvement of the body’s cellular function, due to the intake of more ideal nutrients

Inducing behavior patterns that tend to be calmer in demeanor and less of those that’s associated with hyperactivity

Being capable, from a biological stand point, of effectively coping with and eliminating the effects of stress or anxiety

Improves the development of muscle and nerve growth, which is important for the acquisition of motor skills etc…



(F) Social Worker: We would like to have a social worker on staff to provide daily services and support for our children and their families. We feel that while it is important for teachers to be able to connect and have a major role in a child’s development, we are also aware that, sometimes, the physiological needs of a child may cause for more training and knowledge than the provider may possess. Therefore, having a specialist on sight will aid in giving added support, value, and experience when needed.


(F) Stretch-N-Grow: This is Bottles-N-Backpacks very own Yoga for toddlers. There’s no better way to engage your child than through the simple practices of yoga. Research shows that yoga can help your 18 month to 5 year-old have: fewer tantrums; longer and more improved sleep patterns; increased motor coordination; aids with listening and the ability to follow directions; encourages self-expression and promotes high self-esteem; facilitates relaxation and, overall, begins to cultivate a healthy and physically fit lifestyle.


(O) Bilingual Fun & Expression: On a daily basis, during our circle-time, we actively engage our little ones in learning their numbers, colors, shapes, and alphabets in both English and Spanish. However, in order to truly be culturally proficient and aware, we are developing an upcoming curriculum that caters to the diverse cultures of Ypsilanti as a whole. Moving forward, it is our goal and intention to start out with at least 3 languages-Spanish, French, and Arabic, so that we’re able to effectively communicate with and support the communities that we presently, and will be servicing.


(F) Music and Movement: When it comes to enhancing early brain development, researchers suggest that classical music (or various other compositions with complex scales) can stimulate regional growth within both hemispheres that supports cognitive functions for reading, math, and emotional stability. Due to this awareness, we have music and movement incorporated into our daily schedule; even at naptime. Ultimately, we seek to have actual music lessons twice a week; introducing our young ones to an array of instruments, as well as learning the basic fundamentals of note reading, tone expressions, and octaves.


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